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Hanley is a lovely town with a beautiful, rich heritage - a wonderful place to consider buying a property. Although buying a new home or commercial premises is very exciting, a new property purchase can also be rather daunting and it often comes with a lot of stress. Our professional chartered surveyors in Hanley offer expert surveys, valuations and advice that is personalised to what our clients need; so that their property purchase is as stress-free as possible.

Instructing a chartered surveyor can be beneficial for a number of reasons. Defects in buildings are not usually obvious, a survey can help find these defects so that a home buyer knows what they are dealing with from the very beginning. Our surveys often help our clients decide whether or not the property is right for them; clients come to a well-informed, smart decision about finding their new home. A reliable survey or valuation may even bring your purchasing price down!

David Roberts, Hanley's trusted chartered surveyor
Your property surveyor
David Roberts MRICS RegVal

David Roberts MRICS is the Director and local building surveyor here at Hanley Surveyors and with decades of experience surveying properties in the area, is in an ideal position to help you.

He offers reliable surveys, accurate valuations and expert advice; which can be adapted to suit you and your property surveying needs.

As a qualified charterd surveyor he is able to carry out a myriad of surveys and valuations from HomeBuyer Reports to Probate Valuations.

David sets his reports out in a pleasant, easy-to-read format. If his clients do have any queries about their report, David is more than happy to arrange a time to talk through the survey and answer any questions that may be asked. He wants to make your big investment as risk-free and simple as possible.

Surveys, Valuations and Expert Advice from your Hanley Chartered Surveyors

We strive to make our property services adaptable and personalised. We offer a wide range of surveys so that we are able to help you, whatever the property style, whatever your budget is. Our expert team has extensive knowledge of the Hanley area, and will more than happily guide you through your property purchase so that it is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

Stone built property near Hanley
Stone built property near Hanley